A Math Joke in the Simpsons by PatrickJMT

Looking for help with math?

PatrickJMT is one of my go to sources for math help. His youtube tutorials are easy to understand and just great.

Here is a fun video he made about  a joke in a Simpsons episode with some fun math in it.


So You Want to Study Geometry

I am in my 60's and I am studying calculus and kinematics. I need them for some advanced work I am doing. You have my permission to study both basic and advanced at the same time.   One moment I'm looking at the Introduction to Electromagnetism by Griffiths or The Evolution of Physics by Albert Einstein, and the next moment it's The Isaac Newton School of Driving or Barrons's AP Physics. Remember "learning is s'posed to be fun."

You know what--I really have benefited from Youtube videos. For calculus, PatrickJMT, Dereck Owens, That Tutor Guy, and Dr. Schuster have been very helpful. For kinematics, Mrs. Twu and Bozeman Science.

I watch a video or two, and then go to that section in my book. Then back to the videos again. And so on.  

But how about geometry? Geometry is somewhat overlooked. But luckily, there is Khan Academy to the rescue. https://www.khanacademy.org/math/geometry

For trig Patrickjmt again  and also ProfRobBob for trig identities

Interactive Teaching, Whiteboarding, and Some Great Content for Teachers

What are Whiteboards?
  • 32" x 24" pieces of white tile board
  • written on with dry erase markers, cleaned with paper napkins
Now they have whteboards everywhere. Shopko, Walmart, Office Depot and so on.

In fact I found a nice little whiteboard at the DollarTree for only one dollar each. I got two of them and I use them all the time.

But here are a couple of internet places just in case you are needing something online.

The $2 Interactive Whiteboard

Whiteboarding in the Classroom

Whiteboard USA  

small boards

Small boards personal sine are great, but I guess the idea is to find 24X36 without frames so they are easy for 2 students to work on collaboratively.

Position, Velocity, Acceleration Graphs - Online Resources

I know that the study of kinematics for position, velocity and acceleration is very basic. But it is so important.

Believe it or not, some study I have been doing on space/time led me to look very carefully at just what distance and time are. It was so vital that I grasp deeply their relationship that I was led back to review basic kinematics.

Incidentally, basic calculus is not hard at all. It is very simple and easy and it is a shame that somehow it is taught so that many people never really get it or enjoy it

That is why I think the quickest way for the student to grasp and get and enjoy calculus is through the basic position (displacement) over time, velocity over time, and acceleration over time graphs, and how easy it is to understand differentiation to get velocity and again to get acceleration, and then integrate to go backwards.

So, for starters here are a couple of good places to learn the graphs online

The physics classroom.  Here is a clever animation of position, velocity and acceleration graphs

You will find links to the lessons for this animation.

Mrs. Twu has made excellent videos. She is super smart and moves quickly but covers the material thoroughly. I highly recommend her videos.

Here for example is one of her videos on motion.   We are lucky to have an outstanding person like her to share her knowledge with us.