The Best Business Calculus Book

Business calculus is fun and easy. But just try to find a good business calculus book that is not way too big and complicated, not to mention expensive.

Good luck!

 Try to find a mature straight to the point business calculus book you can study on your own.

How about one with lots of business and economics problems that are fun and practical. Again Good Luck!

 Well, luckily Roland Trujillo who taught management for many years and now is retired has done the work for you.

He was looking for just the right book to refresh his calculus, and it took him a lot of research but he found one, in fact three. And here they are.

 Scroll forward to about 7:30 if you just want to watch the part about calculus (the first part of the video is about algebra).


Best Algebra and Calculus Books

Looking for an algebra textbook a calculus textbook or a business calculus text book that is

 modestly priced

 easy to understand

 not confusing

 nice layout without distractions

lots of problems to solve that are not frustrating

 great for an adult who wants to refresh his or her math

 good for a high school student


How to Make a Demand Equation

Today I was doing a calculus problem where I had to make a demand equation and it really gave me a hard time.

I finally found a really great video that explains it. Here is the link

 Thank you so much, Welkeler's Wikinomics

A Math Joke in the Simpsons by PatrickJMT

Looking for help with math?

PatrickJMT is one of my go to sources for math help. His youtube tutorials are easy to understand and just great.

Here is a fun video he made about  a joke in a Simpsons episode with some fun math in it.


So You Want to Study Geometry

I am in my 60's and I am studying calculus and kinematics. I need them for some advanced work I am doing. You have my permission to study both basic and advanced at the same time.   One moment I'm looking at the Introduction to Electromagnetism by Griffiths or The Evolution of Physics by Albert Einstein, and the next moment it's The Isaac Newton School of Driving or Barrons's AP Physics. Remember "learning is s'posed to be fun."

You know what--I really have benefited from Youtube videos. For calculus, PatrickJMT, Dereck Owens, That Tutor Guy, and Dr. Schuster have been very helpful. For kinematics, Mrs. Twu and Bozeman Science.

I watch a video or two, and then go to that section in my book. Then back to the videos again. And so on.  

But how about geometry? Geometry is somewhat overlooked. But luckily, there is Khan Academy to the rescue.

For trig Patrickjmt again  and also ProfRobBob for trig identities